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Professionals can post group classes and available times for private lessons. You can communicate directly with your clients through our site. Wabango is great for athletic clubs and businesses too. Contact us today if you would like to be a professional on Wabango.

Clients can view availability and schedule everything online. There is no more calling and hoping that your schedule lines up. With Wabango, you can book from anywhere at anytime, as well as communicate directly with your professional through our website.

What is Wabango?

Since 2007, Wabango has been the benchmark online scheduling tool for athletic professionals in Chattanooga. Wabango shows available training sessions and allows clients to book their lessons online. As we move into the next phase of Wabango, we have now added the convenience of mobile and tablet support. It's never been easier to connect.



We simplify scheduling for both clients and professionals.

Ease of Use

Wabango was founded by a tennis professional. We know how difficult schedule management can be, and have simplified the process to make your life easier.


Professionals have their regular classes and available times posted. If something comes up, as every professional knows can happen, you can adjust your schedule in mere seconds.


There is always an open channel between professionals and clients. This can be used for lesson feedback, as well as general Q & A.


Wabango is not industry specific. If your profession depends heavily on appointments, this website is for you. If you can imagine it, we can book it.

New Opportunities

This is a huge benefit to clients and professionals. With a list of users and professionals growing all of the time, there is always the potential to expand.


Who doesn't love to know their numbers? Professionals have access to a wide range of analytical data that is calculated in real time.

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